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  • 170 to 400     Easy opening for multiple closures     30-40
  • 250 to 250     Low engagement requirement balanced with moderate strength     35-45
  • 250 to 400     Moderate engagement, requirement balanced with good strength     45-55
  • 400 to 400     High strength attachment for more demanding applications     55-65
  • 3M™ Dual Lock™


    Dual Lock™ fasteners are intended to replace mechanical-type fasteners while retaining the blind fastening, adjustability and ease of use hook & loop fasteners offer. The types refer to the number of stems or mushrooms per square inch.

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  • 3M™ Hook & Loop


    Plain-back woven hook and woven or knit loop provide maximum peel and shear strength while yielding the most reclosures - typically up to 5000 closure cycles.

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  • Pressure-sensitive customization


    Seven types of adhesive coatings are available to meet your substrate, environment and cost requirements in acrylic and rubber bases.

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