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Hook and Loop reclosable details


Economical, Reclosable Fasteners
Plain-back flexibility

Plain-back woven hook and woven or knit loop provide maximum peel and shear strength while yielding the most reclosures - typically up to 5000 closure cycles. This product is available in 5/8" - 6" widths. These 100% woven nylon products can be ordered as 50-yard rolls in black and white.


Unique mushroom-shaped heads snap shut and stay locked.

  • Helps reduce vibration
  • Temperature, moisture and UV resistant
  • Durable — up to 1,000 openings and closings before losing 50% of original tensile strength
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive easily forms a powerful bond
  • Interlocking mushroom-shaped heads have 5X the tensile strength of hook-and-loop products
  • Application and maintenance ease
  • Low profile option available — approximately half the thickness of standard fastener


Disposable hook & loop is a cost-effective alternative to the woven loop used when closures are limited to 20 or less. The peel and shear strength is much lower when used with the woven hook.


Seven types of adhesive coatings are available to meet your substrate, environment and cost requirements in acrylic and rubber bases. This product is available in 1 /4"- 4" widths. Liner types include paper, polypropylene and polyethylene. Liner colors include white, yellow, red and clear.


Tempo® is 100% nylon fabric with polyester foam core and nylon jersey backing. Its bright colors are excellent for displays, exhibits, partitions, bulletin boards, wall coverings, instrument cases, furniture, toys and more. This product readily engages with velcro-type hook fasteners for display and structural purposes. Its thin profile is ideal for tight channel exhibit frames. The foam core gives superior sound absorption and cushioning so important in tradeshow exhibits and office partitions.
Rib-textured Premier Display Fabric is a rugged loop fabric ideal for tradeshow booths. It readily accepts any velcro-type hook fastener. Thick nylon and polyester fiber blend gives this product superior resistance to denting, abrasion, static and mildew. Premier is easily cleaned and available in a rainbow  of colors.


hook loop low profile
Low-profile hook is a new molded-type hook tape that is 50% thinner than regular hook & loop to provide a flatter appearance for mounting graphics. It provides hundreds of reliable closure cycles. This product is available in 1I4" - 2" widths. These 100% woven nylon products can be ordered as 50-yard rolls in black, white and beige. The paper liner can be coated with rubber- or acrylic-based adhesive.
  • Hook loop use as a replacement for string tapes, rubber bands, wire and strapping.
  • Hook loop sew to the fabric and leather of jackets and gloves.
  • Hook loop hang graphics and banners that change frequently.
  • Hook loop attach removable seat cushions.
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