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A long standing fabric known for excellent color fastness, fastener retention, and robust quality.

  • Auburn 63 inch
  • Bone 55 inch
  • Cerulean 63 inch
  • Flame 39 inch
  • Forest 39 inch
  • Royal 55 inch
  • Sage 55 inch
  • Taupe 63 inch
  • Venice 63 inch


Melded Fabrics

Prelude® hard wearing characteristics and compatibility with Velcro®
make them the ideal fabric choice for use in trade show booths.
Your most durable surface choice.


  • Composition: Melded (thermally bonded) nylon and polyester.
  • Roll Width: 63" and 55" (160cm and 140cm)
  • Roll Length: 55 yards nominal (50 meters)
  • Fabric Weight: 9 oz/yd2 nominal (300 g/m2)
  • Fabric Thickness: 1/8th inch (3mm)
  • Availability: All colors and widths in stock for immediate delivery
  • Velcro®: Compatible. A hook monofilament of 8 mils or less is recommended.
  • Quality Standard: Manufactured to IS09002 International Quality Standard, ensuring consistent quality and performance levels.


Front Runner® and Prelude® have been thoroughly tested against key local and international standards, and both fabrics achieved the following favorable results:

  • ASTM E84-91a "Tunnel Test"
    Complies with NFPA Class A and UBC Class 1
  • UBC 8-2 (42-2, 1991 UBC) (fully lined protocol)
    Meets "acceptance criteria"
  • CAN/ULC-S102-M88
    Results available on request
  • New York State Art. 15 Port 1120 Toxicity Test
    Classified as "No more toxic than wood"
  • BS 476 Part7: 1987
    Achieves Class I
  • BS EN ISO 11925-2-2002
    Achieves Class E
  • BS EN 13823: 2002 (indicative test only)
    Achieves D-s1, d-0
  • *Flammability test certificates available on request


Great Colors: We offer a selection of inspiring colors that are unsurpassed in depth and richness.

Two Texture Options: The ribbed texture of Front Runner® and the random velour finish of Prelude® are designed to coordinate and have a "mix and match" ability, or they may be used individually.

Dent Resistant: Installed fabric can suffer from objects being pushed or leaning against it for hours or even days. The resilient pile of Front Runner® and Prelude® bounds back, normally showing no pressure marks.

Easy to Clean: Soil often does not show on Front Runner® or Prelude®, and may not require cleaning at all. However, when needed, they clean easily with most general purpose cleaners without streaking, fading, pilling or fraying. They are also "anti-static", treated to resist lint, dirt and dust.

Durable: In addition to being resistant to knocks and abrasions, the nylon and polyester fiber blend used in the production of both Front Runner® and Prelude® make them inherently mildew resistant.

Thermally Bonded: Our technologically advanced thermal bonding process creates fabrics that ore dimensionally stable, non-fraying, lightweight and easy to apply.

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