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Ribbed Texture Exhibit and Display Fabric

  • R01 Lava
    PMS BLACK 6 2X
  • R02 Steel
    PMS 429/430
  • R03 Charcoal
    PMS 424/425
  • R04 Monarch
    PMS 281/282
  • R11 Electric Red
    PMS 187
  • R12 Nebula
    PMS 2767
  • R15 Cinder
    PMS 426
  • R28 Persian Blue
    PMS 300C
  • R29 Beach
    PMS 4685C
  • R30 Maroon
    PMS 194C/195C
  • R31 Eco Green
    PMS 356C


  • Widths: 63" (160cm)
  • Lengths: 50 yards nominal (45 meters)
  • 9 oz square yard (300g/m)
  • Thermally activated polyester fiber blend
  • Fabric Thickness: 1/8th inch (3mm)


Premier and Regal have been thoroughly tested against key international standards and have achieved the following favorable results:

  • ASTM E84-05 "Tunnel Test"
    Complies with NFPA Class A and UBC Class 1
  • UBC 8-2 (42-2, 1991 UBC) (fully lined protocol)
    Meets "acceptance criteria"
  • CAN/ULC-S102-M88
    Results available on request
  • NFPA 265 Corner burn test


Premier and Regal contains ecofi fibers which are post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Premier and Regal's hard wearing characteristics and Velcro compatibility make them the ideal choice for interior surfaces and trade show displays. 

Premier and Regal are made from ecofi

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