Free Original Clip Art Images for teachers, parents, card makers, crafts and scrapbooker lovers

Free Mushroom Clip Art

Our very talented artist is constantly making more and more clip art images that we are adding to this website. On this page we are sharing some free and colorful Mushroom clip art images and graphics in PNG format. You can use these clip art images in many creative ways. Mushrooms can be used in your classroom projects, worksheets, to make greeting cards and many other printable goodies.

All these images are in PNG format with a transparent background. You can easily incorporate these images in your designs that you are creating for personal and non commercial use.

Free Mushroom Clip Art Images

Here is the cute and beautiful free mushroom clip art that we have created for you. Just click on any of the thumbnail images and then right click and save the bigger image.

Free big red Mushroom clip art

This is a free clip art image of a big red mushroom with white polka dots. The big image that we are sharing here is 350x350 pixels in size.

Free green mushroom clip art

This is a free clip art image of a green and taupe mushroom. You can use this image in your fall printables and these mushrooms will also look good in jungle and woodland related designs.

Orange mushroom, free clipart image

This is another free clip art graphic of an orange and taupe mushroom with polka dots in taupe color.

Maroon mushroom clip art

This clip art image is of a mushroom in marroon and taupe colors.

Free Black and White Mushroom Clip Art

Black and white mushroom, free clip art

This is a black and white mushroom clip art image in PNG format. You can use this image to create classroom worksheets and coloring pages.