Terms of Use Best-ClipArt.com

All the clip art images, designs, graphics, illustrations, characters, copyrights and distribution rights remain the sole property of Maryam Nasim and Best-ClipArt.com.

The images that we have shared on this website are free for personal/non commercial and classroom use.

You are allowed to

  • Use these clip art images to create teaching materials such as lessons, worksheets and activities.
  • Print these clip art images and illustrations as stickers.
  • Use the clip art and images for stationery, letterhead, business cards, gift tags, menus, banners, candy wrappers
  • Use the clip art images and backgrounds for personal use such as, school flyers, school newsletters, newsletters and flyers for organizations such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.
  • Make personal invitations and cards using these images, such as baby shower invitations, birthday invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards. etc.
  • Make greeting cards and cards to wish your loved ones.
  • Use the clip art and backgrounds for flyers, brochures, business newsletters, organization newsletters, school newsletters etc.
  • Incorporate these images to make planner and scrapbook printables for your very own personal use.
  • Pin the thumbnail images from pages on Pinterest but please do not directly pin the high-resolution images.
  • Share links to these posts and pages on Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.


You are NOT allowed to

  • Distribute these images or any design or digital product that is made by using these images in any form through websites, message boards or in disks.
  • Link to the images on our server.
  • Use these images in books and other printed material of commercial nature.
  • Sell these images in digital or printed form or to sell any product that is created by using these images in digital or printed form.
  • Use the clip art images on commercial products for Etsy, Fiver or zazzle stores.
  • Add any of the clipart images to website, clip art library, Facebook group, social media page or message board.
  • Use the clip art images on t-shirt designs or any tangible products for commercial use that you sell.
  • Reproduce the graphics found on Best-ClipArt.com.
  • Use the graphics provided by Best-ClipArt.com in an obscene nature.
  • Use the backgrounds or images on other graphic sites or graphic galleries or websites that distribute clip art, graphics, backgrounds, animations, coloring pages etc.
  • Use any images for e-greetings or greeting pages.
  • Cards or invitations that are sold for profit.
  • iPhone, Android, or Facebook applications. (Personal classroom use is an exception)
  • Use the clip art in products sold on iTunes.
  • Remove the site url or copyright notice that is visible or embedded in each graphic.
  • Claim the work on Best-ClipArt.com as your own.
  • Include the images in scrapbook kits to share online or to be sold.
  • Create a printable or design using these clip art images and distribute that through websites, Facebook group, Facebook page, message board or any other online or digital platform.
  • Upload best-clipart Content to commercial graphics galleries and websites for distribution.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.